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Somewhere in this picture is a cartwheeling student winning ASU football tickets!

How much spirit can one show off in a half-hour?

The question was answered earlier today during a Pitchfork Pep Rally in the Delph Courtyard.  The answer included  the Sparky dance, the ASU fight song and . . . cartwheels!  Joining West campus students, faculty and staff were Sparky, ASU track and field speedster Kelsey Caesar, Undergraduate Student Government-West President Daniel Hatch and members of the university Spirit Squad.  Students demonstrating the greatest ASU spirit (this is where the cartwheeling came into play!) were awarded tickets to this Saturday’s ASU football opener against the visiting Portland State University Vikings.  An ASU Gold Rush shuttle will provide free round-trip transportation to West campus students, leaving the pick-up area at Las Casas at 2:15 p.m.

For more information on ASU Game Day activities, including transportantion, Pitchfork Pep Rallys, Sparky’s Pre-Game Tailgate, game day events and more, click here.

USG-W President Daniel Hatch gets his spirit on in the Delph Courtyard.

ASU speedster Kelsey Caesar hangs with Sparky at the West campus earlier today.

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